School Funding

Since 2015 I’ve been campaigning in Parliament for more school funding, and my work has paid off locally: every local school is receiving a cash increase to its budget this year – and every school in our constituency will get a funding boost of at
least 1.84% next year.

As part of a £14 billion investment into education nationally, every school will receive per pupil funding of at least £5,000 for secondary school pupils and £4,000 for primary school pupils.

By creating a minimum threshold, it levels up funding for some of our most historically underfunded schools. For instance, St Peter’s School will receive an extra 7%; Bosmere Junior School 5.5%; Mengham Junior School 6%; and Mill Rythe Junior School 5%.

This funding is on top of additional pay for teachers and will go towards improving education for the next generation. Every secondary school in our constituency is now rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted, and our  primary and junior schools are doing well too.

Find out how much extra funding your local school will receive via the table below:

School Funding