Contacting Alan MP - Read BEFORE you contact Alan

Please read these important notes before you contact Alan Mak MP. They are designed to help constituents, and ensure you reach the correct decision-maker.

The aim is to help local residents identify who is responsible for the area of law and/or policy. Please contact the relevant organisation directly, so your query can be dealt with efficiently, rather than being passed from one organisation to another. 

Residents in Havant are represented by a range of democratically-elected representatives and decision-makers. They have specific and largely discrete areas of responsibility. Please only contact Alan Mak MP if he is your MP, and you are writing about an area of law or policy which he constitutional responsibility for.

Alan Mak MP can only respond to letters and e-mails. Like many MPs, he is not able to respond to messages sent on Facebook, Twitter and other social media to ensure confidentiality and security. Letters and e-mails are easier to track, and also help with record keeping and effective administration. 

Message from Alan Mak MP: Working Hard for All of Havant's Residents

"I am honoured to be your Member of Parliament. I am here to serve all of Havant's residents, regardless of whether you voted for me or not. My priority is helping local residents, both locally in the consitutency, and nationally in the Westminster Parliament. If you have a specific and personal issue that is within my remit as MP, then please contact me and I will do my best to help."

Three Important Parliamentary rules/principles

Constituents should be aware of three important Parliamentary rules/principles that affect the work of all MPs, including Alan Mak MP: 

1. MPs are only able to deal with issues raised by people who live in their own constituency. They cannot act for residents of other constituencies. Click here to check if Alan Mak is your MP and whether you live in his constituency. If you do not live in Alan's constituency, you should contact you own MP.

Additionally, Alan Mak MP can only act if the constituent gives consent. He cannot accept requests to help from family members, friends or neighbours to assist a third party.

2. MPs are only able to help with matters for which the Westminster Parliament or central government is responsible. Click here for a list of central government departments, together with their contact details (e.g. HM Treasury, Department for Work and Pensions). 

MPs like Alan Mak do NOT run the local borough or county council, which are run by democratically-elected councillors and have substantial powers in their own right. Click here for a non-exhaustive overview of the division of responsibilities between the MP (Alan Mak) and Havant Borough & Hampshire County councillors. 

MPs like Alan Mak do not have any jurisdiction over decisions made by Havant Borough Council or Hampshire County Council. However, they can write to either/both Councils and ask them to look into a problem or to re-consider an issue. In the first instance, constituents should contact the relevant Councillor. Click here to find out who your local councillors are, based on where you live.

3. MPs and their staff have limited time & resources, and priority is given to (a) helping constituents who have specific and personal problems where the MP may be able to assist, and (b) working on strategic projects that help everyone in the Havant constituency. 

Alan Mak MP has a small team to assist him in Westminster and Havant, and Alan himself focuses on serving Havant's residents. They all have limited time and resources, and those will be directed at helping constituents who have specific and personal problems, as well as advancing strategic "big picture" projects that help Havant focused on Alan's key priorities: astrong local economysuccessful local schools, and vibrant communities across the Havant constituency. 

This takes priority over responding to "click and send" standard-form, computer-generated campaign e-mails, which Alan will read, but not be able to respond individually to.

Information you must include when contacting Alan Mak MP

Failure to include any of the below information when you contact Alan Mak MP may result in your request for help being delayed, whilst we obtain the missing information. 

  • Your name, full postal address (incuding POSTCODE), e-mail address, and telephone numbers (preferably both landline and mobile). Including your postcode is vital. 

  • Details of the specific problem you want to raise/want help with. There is no need to go into excessive detail, but please provide enough detail to allow Alan and his team to assess whether they might be able to assist.

  • The name(s) of any central government departments or agencies that have been involved, or which you think should be (e.g. NHS; Department for Work and Pensions; Environment Agency)

  • A description of the specific action you want Alan Mak MP to take on your behalf (e.g. write to the NHS asking them to investigate a complaint)

  • Specific permission for Alan Mak MP to act on your behalf, if this becomes appropriate (e.g. permission to contact a government department or agency on your behalf).

NB. Alan Mak MP can only act if the constituent gives consent. He cannot accept request from family members, friends or neighbours to assist a third party.

Event Invitations to Alan as MP

If you would like to invite Alan to an event, please send us an e-mail:

"Click and Send" Automatic E-Mail Lobbying Campaigns

Lots of organisations now choose to do their lobbying by identical mass email and the amount of emails of this nature has increased significantly recently. Alan sometimes receive as many as 150 such emails a day and he is not able to respond to all mass campaign based e-mails individually.

In due course, Alan will post his responses to some of the most popular recent email campaigns on his website. As a Conservative his answers to many of the policy issues raised in these campaigns will be broadly in line with Conservative party policy and our policy stance on a range of issues can also be found on the party's central website here.

Of course, if you have any personal comments or specific concerns that you would like to raise with Alan then please do not hesitate to get in touch and he will endeavour to respond to these queries as soon as possible.