Westminster Trips

Chance to Visit Parliament

Ever wanted to see inside Parliament? Well you can in 2019, as Alan invites all residents to Westminster for a free tour of the House of Commons.

The walking tour of the Palace of Westminster includes -

  • Westminster Hall, the ancient hall at the heart of the Palace where Parliament first sat and where many historic events have taken place
  • The House of Commons, including the Speaker's Chair and the famous green benches and the 'lobbies' where MPs actually vote
  • The House of Lords, including the Royal Throne
  • The Queen's Robing Room, Royal Gallery and many other fascinating parts of the Palace of Westminster

The tour will be conducted by one of Parliament's expert tour guides, who will provide insight into the Palace of Westminster's rich history.

Afterwards, Alan will invite you to join him for a Q & A session, before residents head off for refreshments and a visit to the Commons gift shop.


These are the current tours Alan has organised:

1) Monday, 20th January 2020 (fully booked)

2) Monday, 10th February 2020 (fully booked)

3) Monday, 2nd March 2020 (limited spaces available) 


Please fill out the following online form to reserve your places on a tour. Please also note that there are limited spaces available on each tour.


There will be a coach on the day from Havant to Westminster, departing from outside Building 6000 at Langstone Technology Park, Langstone Road, Havant at 8.30am. You will need to be there 15 minutes prior to departure. The coach will also drop you back here at the end of the day. Free parking will be provided at Langstone Technology Park.

Once you have completed the online registration form using the above link please send a cheque (£15 per person coming on the coach), payable to “Havant Tours of Parliament”. Please send the cheque to Alan Mak MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. We cannot confirm your place until we receive the cheque and can only accommodate limited numbers on each tour. Please note that this payment covers only the cost of transportation; the rest of the day is at no charge to you (other than individual purchases you choose to make in the House of Commons gift shop etc).