Support for UK nationals abroad and travel advice

Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised against all non-essential international traves. This advice takes effect immediately. For a full list of travel advice for each country, click here.

This change in travel advice reflects the pace at which other countries are either closing their borders or implementing restrictive measures in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. Often there is little or no notice when countries take these steps and restrictions are also being imposed in areas where no cases of coronavirus have yet been reported. They are therefore very difficult to predict.

British people who decide that they still need to travel abroad should be fully aware of the increased risks of doing so. That includes the risk that they may not be able to get home, if travel restrictions are put in place.

If you now need to change or cancel your travel plans:

  • contact your airline, travel company, cruise line or other transport and accommodation providers
  • get in touch with your insurance provider
  • continue to follow the NHS coronavirus guidance

Travel advice from the foreign office can be found here.

If you’re abroad

The Government will only organise assisted departure in exceptional circumstances. If you are currently abroad and require consular assistance, you can contact your nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate here.

Last updated Monday 6th April