Purbrook & Stakes

Alan’s priorities for Purbrook and Stakes


Alan’s priorities for Purbrook and Stakes and every other community across the Havant constituency are clear: a strong economy, successful schools, and vibrant communities. Alan’s local priorities for Purbrook and Stakes include: 

  • Strengthening Purbrook and Stakes’ local economy, especially our small businesses.


  • Support local schools like Crookhorn, Purbrook Park and Oaklands to give every young person the best start in life and the skills to succeed in today’s competitive, global economy.


  • Supporting high-quality local infrastructure and public services.


  • Encourage vibrant community life, supporting our many community groups such as the Springwood Centre and the Phoenix Centre


  • Preserving Purbrook and Stakes as a great place to live and work.


Alan’s activity across Purbrook and Stakes:

Alan has worked hard to understand local issues and meet local residents, businesses, schools and community groups. A small snapshot of Alan’s work and activity across Purbrook and Stakes over the last few months includes:

  • Visiting local businesses including Purbrook Tyres, CutNDry, and Purbrook Village Bakery.


  • Visiting the Springwood Centre and meeting residents for a home cooked meal at the centre's Orchids Cafe. 


  • Meeting local Purbrook and Stakes councillors Caren Tarrant, Gary Hughes, Cyril Hilton, Gwen Blackett, Dianne Lloyd and Diana Patrick, to discuss local issues.


  • Visiting Crookhorn, Purbrook Park and Oaklands schools to discuss education issues with staff, the head teacher and students.



  • Working in partnership with South Downs College to deliver the first Havant Small Business Awards, which were hosted at the college. Nominations for the 2017 event are open here


Purbrook is represented on Havant Borough Council (HBC) by:

Councillor Caren Tarrant (Purbrook)

Councillor Gwen Blackett (Purbrook)

Councillor Gary Hughes (Purbrook)

Stakes is represented on Havant Borough Council (HBC) by:

Councillor Dianne Lloyd (Stakes)

Councillor Diana Patrick (Stakes)

Purbrook & Stakes is represented on Hampshire County Council (HCC) by:

County Councillor Robin McIntosh (represents both Purbrook and South Stakes)