Alan Mak selected for Havant Conservatives’ Open Primary Final

Businessman, investor and children’s campaigner Alan Mak said he was “delighted and honoured” to have been selected by the Havant Conservative Party’s Executive Committee to contest the Open Primary Final where local residents will choose Havant’s next MP. The Open Primary Final takes place on Saturday 25 October at Oaklands Catholic School from 2PM.

Alan speaks on responsible business alongside Sir Richard Branson

Alan spoke alongside Sir Richard Branson at the 2013 One Young World global youth summit in Jihannesberg, South Africa, One Young World brings together emerging leaders aged 18-30 from business, government, civil society, academic and the media each year to come up with solutions to the world's biggest challenges,

Conservative Party Conference 2012: Our Aspiration Nation: An Opportunity Society

At Conservative Party Conference 2012, the Prime Minister spoke passionately about creating an “aspiration nation”, not for the better-off but for the “want-to-be-better-off, those who strive to make a better life for themselves and their families.” This is an inspiring vision and a Conservative vision. 

Building the Opportunity Society: The Davos Perspective

In the UK, rising income disparity and failing social mobility are a cause for concern, and a threat to our social fabric and national wellbeing, as well as our Party’s electoral fortunes. The 2012 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting also focused on these themes.

Building the Opportunity Society

Whilst restoring Britain’s public finances and securing economic growth is the Coalition’s most pressing short-term priority, building the Opportunity Society is our party’s most important long-term task, and should form the basis of a distinctive Conservative platform for the 2015 general election.