MP encourages residents to have their say over new Local Plan

Photo: Alan Mak MP with a map of the Local Plan

Local MP Alan Mak has urged residents to respond to the public consultation on the new Havant Borough Council (HBC) Local Plan, which runs until September.

The draft local plan sets out planning policy and housing allocations across the Havant Borough for the next 20 years, and Mr Mak has called on people to make their voices heard.

Whilst the House of Commons plays no role in drafting or approving the Local Plan, with the final decision to be made by elected councillors on Havant Borough Council, Mr Mak is encouraging residents and community groups to have their say.

Mr Mak said MPs do not play any role in drafting, influencing – or approving – the Local Plan but he has been keeping up to date on its progress.

Mr Mak said: “Our area’s growing economy and local residents certainly need more housing, especially to allow first-time buyers, growing families and social tenants to access the housing market.  But exactly where the housing is sited, and in what numbers, is a matter for Havant Council and the Local Plan.”

Mak added: “It’s very important that the Borough of Havant produces a new Local Plan so we have conduct planning in a strategic way, so I encourage anyone with a view to contribute to HBC’s public consultation. This is their chance to shape the future locally.”

Mr Mak told residents concerned about specific development sites in the draft Local Plan to contact their local councillor. Their details can be found on the HBC website.

Havant Council Cabinet Member Cllr David Guest, who is leading the creation of a new Local Plan, said:‎ "Havant Borough Council is developing the plan and I join our MP in encouraging residents to send us their views and ideas, whether in relation to specific sites or the wider plan.

Cllr Guest added: “This consultation is the best opportunity for residents to help us shape the future of the borough's housing and infrastructure plans."

Andy Hayward, Planning Policy Team Leader at Havant Council, is the local civil servant leading the day-to-day work on the Local Plan.

The consultation runs until September 9 and more details on it can be found on HBC’s website at