MP Alan Mak welcomes new Havant roundabout

Havant MP Alan has welcomed improvements that have been made to a roundabout in Havant as a boost for local businesses and workers.

The improvements to the four-armed mini roundabout at Harts Farm Way, Southmoor Lane, Brockhampton Road and Brookside Road in Havant were backed by the local MP.

The £400k programme funded by Hampshire County Council and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions made to Havant Borough Council will cut congestion in a key commercial area of the constituency.

The roundabout serves major local employers including Langstone Technology Park, Lewmar, Apollo Fire Detectors and P&I Generators.

After campaigning for the investment and lobbying county council transport chief Rob Humby for the investment, Alan visited the roundabout to see its completion.

He said: “Improving traffic flow in the constituency, especially around our major employment areas, will improve workers lives by cutting commuting time and make our businesses more efficient. That’s why I’ve been campaigning hard for this improvement to take place and I’m delighted that Hampshire County Council and Havant Borough Council have made this major investment. I’ll continue to work hard to ensure county-wide money is invested into the Havant constituency.”

Upgrades to the roundabout include a full kerbed central island to encourage traffic to follow along the correct path through the junction, new pedestrian islands, making it easier for walkers and cyclists to cross the road, new road markings to allow for a better flow of traffic, and widened pathways to create two new off-road cycle routes through the junction.

CIL is a fee that local authorities can choose to charge on new developments. The money is then used to support development by funding infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want.

Picture: Havant MP Alan Mak with Cllr Rob Humby, from Hampshire County Council, Cllr Lulu Bowerman, from Havant Borough Council, at the newly refurbished Southmoor Lane roundabout in Havant.