Hayling Island Household Recycling Centre - 26 April 2016


Thank you for contacting me about Hampshire County Council’s consultation in relation to household waste recycling centres across the county of Hampshire, including the site on Hayling Island: the Hayling Island Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC).

Hampshire County Council’s sole decision-making power

The sole decision-maker in this process is Hampshire County Council (HCC) based at Winchester, rather than the Westminster Parliament. HCC Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport, County Councillor Rob Humby, has responsibility for household waste recycling centres, and is the specific decision-maker in this situation. He can be contacted by post (Cllr Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8UJ) or by email: rob.humby@hants.gov.uk 

Hayling Island’s democratically-elected representative on HCC is County Councillor Frank Pearce, a Hayling Island resident. He can be contacted by post (Cllr Frank Pearce, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8UJ) or by email: frank.pearce@hants.gov.uk  

I am not a member of HCC and have no rights of audience there. The House of Commons, where I am a member, has no role in HCC’s decision-making on this issue because responsibility has been devolved to HCC.  

Responding to Hampshire County Council’s formal consultation and signing the residents’ petition      

Notwithstanding the above, in response to residents’ concerns about the future of the Hayling Island HWRC, I am working actively on this issue (see below) and I am encouraging residents and other interested parties to both (a) respond to HCC’s formal consultation on this issue by the deadline of 25 May 2016; and (b) sign the residents’ petition organised by Hayling Island resident Allison Wiltshire. The relevant online links are set out below.  

·         Link to HCC consultation: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/waste-recycling/recyclingcentres/hwrc2016.htm


·         Link to residents’ petition: https://www.change.org/p/hampshire-county-council-stop-the-closure-of-hayling-island-s-waste-and-recycling-centre


My action as your local Member of Parliament


Below is a non-exhaustive summary of the actions I have already taken – and will be taking – to engage with local residents, lobby the decision-makers at HCC, and communicate residents’ views and concerns:


1.       Met residents’ petition organiser Allison Wiltshire to listen to her concerns and thoughts, and agreed to assist her to raise awareness of her petition and present it to Cllr Rob Humby (see below);


2.       Met a large number of local residents at my MP surgery at Hayling Island Community Centre to listen to their concerns and wider thoughts in relation to HCC’s proposals;  

3.       Met HCC Leader Roy Perry to lobby him, and communicate residents’ views and concerns;

4.       Visited the Hayling Island HWRC to meet and listen to local residents who use the facility, and discuss the proposals with the HWRC’s staff;  

5.       Meet HCC Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport Cllr Rob Humby to lobby him, and communicate residents’ views and concerns;  

6.       Organise and chair a roundtable meeting on Hayling Island with Cllr Rob Humby, Cllr Frank Pearce, Allison Wiltshire (residents’ petition organiser) and representatives of Havant Borough Council (local councillors) to lobby Cllr Humby and communicate the views of local residents and stakeholders to him;

7.       Meet HCC Deputy Leader Councillor Keith Mans to lobby him, and communicate residents’ views and concerns;

8.       Arrange for Hayling Island resident Allison Wiltshire to present the petition she has co-ordinated to Cllr Rob Humby before the formal consultation closes; and

9.       Respond to HCC’s formal consultation as local MP setting out a summary of the substantive arguments against closing Hayling HWRC, and asking HCC to take into account the responses from Hayling Island residents and other stakeholders.   


Hampshire County Council decision


I will continue to share specific comments from residents, on all sides of the debate, about the operation and future of the Hayling Island HWRC with Cllr Frank Pearce, and support him on this issue as appropriate.


After the formal consultation closes, Cllr Humby will consider the responses and other representations, and then make his decision in summer 2016.


Thank you for contacting me about this issue and I will keep in contact with Cllr Humby and Cllr Pearce as Hampshire County Council progresses through its decision-making process.




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