Hayling Island

Alan’s priorities for Hayling

Alan’s priorities for Hayling and every other community across the Havant constituency are clear: a strong economy, successful schools, and vibrant communities. Alan’s local priorities for Hayling include:

  • Strengthening Hayling’s diverse local economy, from Northney’s farms and Mengham’s shops to West Town’s small businesses and the visitor economy centred around Eastoke and the Seafront. 


  • Backing local schools like Hayling College, Mengham and Mill Rythe to give every young Islander the best start in life and the skills to succeed in today’s competitive, global economy.


  • Supporting high-quality local infrastructure and public services.


 Alan’s activity across Hayling

Alan is on Hayling Island daily and has worked hard to understand local issues and meet local residents, businesses, schools and community groups.

A small snapshot of Alan’s work and activity across Hayling includes:

  • Visiting a range of local Hayling businesses including Hayling Island Bookshop, Tournerbury Woods Cottage, Wilson Wakefield solicitors, the Royal Shades pub, Coastguard Cafe, Seaside Florist, Pepperelli’s and the Terracotta Pot Shop.  


  • Leading the successful political campaign to keep open Hayling tip, alongside local resident Allison Wiltshire who organised the community campaign on the ground. 



  • Taking a bike tour of Hayling Island with local residents to discuss ways of improving cycling routes across the island. Cycle Hayling committee member David Mowatt took the time to explain to Alan the improvements that the group are trying to make, especially in making cycling safer for schoolchildren.


  • Launching the Next Generation Network, a popular new network for local residents and young professionals aged 25-40 with Tim Pike, Managing Director of Northney Ice Cream.


  •  Visiting the Hayling Horticultural Society’s Spring Show at Hayling Community Centre.



  • Regularly meeting Hayling councillors Leah Turner, Joanne Thomas, Michael Wilson, Clare Satchwell and Andy Lenaghan to discuss local issues.






Hayling's hardworking Conservative team

Hayling Island is represented on Havant Borough Council (HBC) by:

Councillor Leah Turner (Hayling East)

Councillor Clare Satchwell (Hayling East)

Councillor Michael Wilson (Hayling West)

Councillor Andy Lenaghan (Hayling West)

Councillor Joanne Thomas (Hayling West)

Hayling Island is represented on Hampshire County Council (HCC) by:

County Councillor Frank Pearce (represents the entirety of Hayling Island)