Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service - 24th September 2015

24th September 2015


Thank you for contacting me about the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s review of provision across Hampshire, which includes Havant and Emsworth Fire Stations.


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority is the body of elected representatives that run fire services in Havant, Emsworth and across Hampshire.  They raise their own revenue, which you will see on your council tax bill, and are the sole decision-making body with regard to the services that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service provide.  Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority will be ultimately responsible for fire service provision in Havant, Emsworth and Hampshire as a whole, working with Hampshire Fire Service, once the consultation has ended.


I am aware of the proposals to reform the way that services are offered in the area, including in Havant and Emsworth and, although I am not the decision-maker, I am engaging with local decision-makers and key stakeholders to obtain their views.


I will be meeting with the Chief Fire Officer, Dave Curry, and local Councillors and members of the Fire and Rescue Authority to discuss the proposals.  I have already met with Fire Officers at Havant and Emsworth Fire Stations and I will continue to monitor the progress of the proposed changes.


I would encourage all residents to take part in the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s consultation, which is open now until 4th December 2015.  The consultation can be found here: https://www.ors.org.uk/web/index.php/survey/index/sid/638645/lang/en.


I will be writing to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority and Hampshire’s Chief Fire Officer to ask that the views of our local firefighters and residents who respond to the consultation are fully taken into consideration and given due weight.





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