Emergency Legislation

The powers will only be used when necessary. We need these powers in our armoury to give us the best possible chance of overcoming this unprecedented national challenge. 

Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health

Aims of the Act

The purpose of the Act is to provide powers needed to respond to the current Coronavirus epidemic. Powers are for use only if needed, judged on the basis of the clinical and scientific advice. Safeguards have been built in to ensure that powers are only used as necessary, for example during the peak of a Coronavirus outbreak. The aim is to balance the need for speed, as appropriate to the risk posed by the virus, with safeguards to ensure proper oversight and accountability.

The Act has four primary categories of effect: enhancing capacity and the flexible deployment of staff; easing of legislative and regulatory requirements; containing and slowing the virus; and managing the deceased.

To read the Coronavirus Act 2020 please click here.

Last updated on Monday 6th April