Alan’s priorities for Bedhampton

Alan’s priorities for Bedhampton and every other community across the Havant constituency are clear: a strong economy, successful schools, and vibrant communities. Alan’s local priorities for Bedhampton include:

  • Strengthening Bedhampton’s local economy, from our local small shops such as the Bedhampton Piano Shop and Post Office to ensuring larger employers like Asda continue to offer jobs to local residents.


  • Backing local schools like Bidbury Mead and St. Thomas More’s to give every local student the best start in life and the skills to succeed in today’s competitive, global economy.  


Alan’s activity across Bedhampton

Alan has worked hard to understand local issues and meet local residents, businesses, schools and community groups.

small snapshot of Alan’s work and activity across the Bedhampton ward includes:

  • Attended Bedhampton Social Hall Spring Fair to meet local residents and stall holders, having previously attended the Bedhampton Social Hall’s Christmas Party


  • Visited a range of local Bedhampton businesses including Bedhampton Piano Shop, Bedhampton Post Office on Park Lane, and Asda.


  • Met local residents on the doorstep to discuss local and national issues during canvassing sessions across Bedhampton


  • Visited Bidbury Mead to local residents and users of this popular green space.


  • Met local Bedhampton councillors Ken Smith, Edward Rees and David Smith to discuss local issues.


  • Visited Budd’s Farm Wastewater treatment, which impacts both Bedhampton and Langstone residents, to voice concerns to management about the emission of odours by Southern Water


  • Visited Havant Rugby Club based in Bedhampton for their annual Sponsors’ Lunch, and then for their annual President’s Lunch, watching entertaining matches on both occasions alongside local residents and supporters.  



Bedhampton ward is represented on Havant Borough Council (HBC) by:

Councillor Ken Smith
Councillor Edward Rees JP 
Councillor David Smith

Bedhampton ward is represented on Hampshire County Council (HCC) by:
County Councillor Liz Fairhurst