Havant Constituency Tree Planting Challenge

The Challenge is currently paused for the General Election etc.

Inspired by Her Late Majesty’s Queen’s Green Canopy project, I have launched a new campaign across the Havant Constituency to get more trees planted in our area. This will improve our local environment and quality of life.

I hope that together we can plant 1,000 trees in the Havant Constituency.


Supported by the Woodland Trust, the UK's largest woodland conservation charity, my Havant Constituency Tree Planting Challenge calls on residents, schools, businesses, community groups, voluntary organisations and anyone with an interest in the environment to plant trees locally. I hope that together we can plant at least 10,000 trees.

My Havant Constituency Tree Planting Challenge was officially launched by the planting of a willow tree near the Station Theatre on Hayling Island by me and Sir Nicholas Bacon. Sir Nicholas is Chairman of The Queen's Green Canopy, President Emeritus of the Royal Horticultural Society and a well-known and respected environmental champion. We were joined by Hayling Island’s County Councillor Lance Quantrill and a senior representative from the Woodland Trust.

Woodland Trust senior project lead Steve Shill said: “Over the past year, communities all over the UK have really felt the impact of climate change first hand, and many are seeing the incredible benefits trees can bring to provide much needed shade, shelter, and help to prevent flooding. Last year alone The Woodland Trust gave away 1.3 million trees to schools and community groups and this year we want to give away even more.”

How to take part

There are 3 steps you need to take:


Community groups and schools

The Woodland Trust are supplying free tree packs to community groups who want to get involved and support people, nature and the climate in our area. You are eligible to apply for these free saplings if you are:

  • A school, nursery, college, university, or other outdoor leaning group; or
  • An established local body, club or society. This includes residents’ associations, sports club, scouts and guides.

You can also set up a new group for the purpose of planting trees, but it must be a not-for-profit group.

For further details about obtaining free tree packs from The Woodland Trust, please see this webpage.

The Woodland Trust decide whether they will issue a tree pack, and their decision is final. Alan Mak MP does not have any role in deciding.

Individuals and families

If you want to plant trees as an individual or do not belong to any of the above mentioned groups, you can still take part – but you will have to pay for your trees/saplings.

You can buy saplings from the Woodland Trust's online shop (here) or local garden centres at relatively low cost. Alan Mak MP is not able to provide any trees/saplings and is not involved with the sale of saplings by the Woodland Trust or their website contents.

When selecting tree varieties, the Woodland Trust recommends thinking about the size of a tree in relation to where you’re planting and take a look at the species that thrive in that area. If planting a number of trees, you may consider a mix to ensure resilience to weather, pests and diseases. 

The Woodland Trust website has advice about which trees work for different spaces, e.g. for small gardens they suggest wild cherry, silver birch, or rowan.

All trees on the Woodland Trust shop are certified as being sourced and grown in the UK & Ireland. This helps protect the UK from imported pests and diseases. Find out more information on why this is important here. When buying from local garden centres, ask whether trees have been sourced and grown in the UK.  



You as an individual – or your planting group – are solely responsible for the planting and upkeep of your trees/saplings. For the best chances of success and survival, plant your saplings in the early autumn or late winter/spring. You need to provide you own tools and related materials. Neither Alan Mak MP nor the Woodland Trust can provide tools or related materials.

The best time of year to plant your seedlings is November to March inclusive.

  • If you have bought your own seedlings – you can plant them wherever you want as long as you have landowner and other relevant legal permissions.
  • If the Woodland Trust supplied your seedlings – they must be planted somewhere public. Applications for seedlings from The Woodland Trust where the planting site identified is private land are unlikely to be awarded, unless there is good genuine public access to the site. For schools, trees are expected to be planted in the school grounds.



Once you have planted your trees, you can add them to the Havant Constituency’s total by completing this online form: www.AlanMak.org.uk/Contact

Please ensure you tell Alan the following information: 

  • How many seedlings/trees you planted
  • What type/species of seedling
  • The location (ideally with street name etc. to enable us to visit the site if we need to)
  • Who planted them

Please also email us a photo of you planting the seedling/tree. Send photos to: Alan.Mak.MP@Parliament.uk

We will add your trees to our running total and local map – and the online counter on Alan’s website!


Thanks for your support and involvement!  Let’s get planting!