Free Flags for Residents

Alan has encouraged residents to fly the flag all year round to display their pride in our country and is offering free flags for residents. Both the Union Flag and the St George's Flag are available.

The flag will be sent free by Alan, including free postage, to all residents living in the Havant constituency by request and is on a first-come first-served basis. Alan said he hoped to see flags flying in all corners of the constituency.

He said: “We are all proud to be British and I hope that by providing free flags for residents we can put on a strong visual display of our patriotism across the Havant constituency. I look forward to seeing them flying from houses and flagpoles all year round and at some of the important events that are taking place."

Residents who would like either a Union Flag or a St. George's Flag should contact Alan by email at Alan.Mak.MP@Parliament.UK stating their full name, address and postcode. There is a maximum limit of one flag per household.

Please allow at least 14 days for delivery. No taxpayers money has been spent on the flag or postage.