Back the Bid to host the UN Climate Change Conference

Alan believes it is vitally important that we all find ways that we can help the environment and halt the potentially devastating impact of climate change.

Recently, he wrote to the Prime Minister, backing the Government’s efforts to host COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in 2020 and is now calling on Havant residents to show their support for the bid. This event is the successor to the Paris Agreement, which saw countries agree to limit global warming to 1.5C.

The UK has been a global leader in tackling climate change and has since 1990 cut emissions by more than 40 per cent while growing the economy by more than two thirds, a beacon for what other countries can achieve by following our lead.

Other achievements have included ending reliance on coal – with a commitment to phase out the fossil fuel by 2025 – and the UK recently achieved its longest coal free stretch of 90 hours. The Government is also increasing renewable energy investment to create the world’s largest offshore wind capacity and has quadrupled renewable electricity generation since 2010. Britain is also the first major industrial economy to ask for independent advice - from the Committee on Climate Change - on how to reach a Net Zero economy

Alan said: "We all recognise that more must be done to tackle climate change – and I believe that starts at a local level with people taking steps to install solar panels, plants trees or cut down on plastic consumption. I’ve been taking my role seriously, for instance planting trees at my constituency office for the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, cutting out single use plastics for Lent and creating outdoor pollinator spaces with support from St Albans School.

"That sets the right example for the rest of the world to follow, and to keep to our Paris Agreement commitments we need to build global consensus to tackle climate change, especially in the developing world.

"That’s why if the UK were to host the COP26 I’d welcome and make the case for putting us firmly on the path towards a more sustainable planet. To help strengthen case to host the event, I'm encouraging residents to show their support by joining my local campaign."

Residents can Back the Bid to host COP26 and show their support by joining Alan's local campaign here